Bad News for a Block Grant to the Root River Council

Root River Council got bad news from the City of Racine last night.  The 60K they asked for was cut to 20K.  I was unable to stay for the whole meeting but when I left at 7:10 no one was at the meeting to speak for the Council and the funds they were asking for.  Not have the grant in front of me I can not say what will be cut from the spending I do hope that RRC Staff doing the real work will not lose out but perhaps the Madison based consultants will take a hike! As well I pray that the Tick of Racine Rep Corry Mason (D) Racine does not see a Dime, from the cash the RRC does get from any funding.

There  is one more group meeting before the Grant allotment goes to the City Council so  I hope the RRC does get more of the $$ they need.

I got to say there were a lot of very worthy groups and hard choices had to be made. I do not know if we call the city if it do  any good or not but there is no harm in calling.

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