Had a long talk with a life long resident of Racine who’s kin been active in Both Lake and River use for well over 75 years.

He spoke about the Root River needing to be dredged due to it starting to be silted up and that should happen how hard it would be to use the River and issues like Flooding and Weed control start going nuts

I insisted that part of the deal of the City/?County getting the Lakeside done in the 60’s-80’s was that “We” would not  ask the Army Corps of Engineers to do any more dredging at least that was what I have been told by someone I thought knows. 

I read the Dredging info that I linked this page to this Morning and thought Brownfield grants could pay for this Dredging and it would help Ship traffic on the River and Harbor both that would be needed to be in the best repair possible to insure we could keep Racine open to Boating,with two Marina’s soon going to be in the hands of Government, they will try real hard to get the cash they need.

I can even see after reading the Info on the Army Corps of Engineers page how the City could claim how a partnership could be formed with others to do the dredging and how it would make money for the City (Like the BS on NSP?) and so needed.

I can even see Grants written just for this idea.      Thoughts?

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