The Past changing?

To have an understanding of the the “Now” one needs to understand the past.

So here a bit on Racine’s Past with Minority Developers in this case  Brent Oglesby,

Read the Story from The Racine Journal Times9/2/09

RACINE – The question of who might attempt to build the proposed Corinne Owens Square on State Street will wait for at least another month.

After a roughly half-hour public hearing and 45-minute discussion Wednesday, the city Redevelopment Authority deferred a requested land option to its next meeting. Racinian Brent Oglesby, doing business as Dewy Rose Capital Ventures LLC, had sought an 18-month option on the property immediately adjacent to the Racine Transit Center.

His request lost on a 5-2 vote.

Oglesby said he had acquired the option to buy the land from a previous developer, Damon Dorsey of Milwaukee, and wanted an extension.

There, Dorsey proposed building a mixed-use project he set at $9 million. It was to include 25 apartments, 14 townhouses and 3,000 square feet of commercial space at State and Silver streets. Oglesby said the proposal remained essentially the same, but he was flexible if the city wanted changes.

At the public hearing, 11 people spoke, most in favor of Oglesby and the project which is named for local long-time civil rights activist Owens.

However, City Development Director Brian O’Connell noted that Dorsey never executed the option he was offered, so none existed. The commission debated whether it made sense to hand Oglesby an option, and for how long it wanted to tie up the property with one developer.

Commissioner Pete Karas wanted to give the option. “I don’t see anything else happening on this property,” he said.

There were questions about what the economy would do in the next 12 or 18 months, and about whether commuter rail will come to Racine in the form of KRM. O’Connell said the authority could start fresh with a request for proposals after more is known on those points.

Or, he said, the authority could give Oglesby the option to buy the land.

Some commissioners asked for more information about what developments Oglesby has done and where he would get financing.

“I have no idea how he’s going to put it together,” said Alderman Jim Spangenberg. “I’ve been going through this with West Racine.”

Oglesby said it would be difficult for him to obtain financing unless he controlled the property. He said this would be his first project, but he would likely bring a more experienced co-developer in on the project.

The next meeting of the Redevelopment Authority is scheduled for Oct. 7.

He wan not able to get permission to try his idea. My understanding is that harsh words were used between Brent and City Leaders over this.  Now we find him as of this date listed as working with the Root River Council that’s good God Knows I think the Root River Council needs more African Americans  working with them. I just find it interesting that he can work along so many major Mayor Dickert supporters.
I wish Mr. Oglesby the very very best I hope he gets a chance to show his skill sets with some type of project in the Root River.
Perhaps if/when the City takes  over the Azarian marina he can be given that opportunity or should this not happen there will be others.
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