Speculation! Are things afoot?

Azarian Lets sat Azarian is behind on taxes. Lets say that the owners are willing to deal with the City or a City group like Downtown Racine Corporation or other like group so this issue is behind them.

Is  my idea of Azarian being turned in some type of Marina/retail center come to pass? Add the this a Million worth of brownfield fixing landscaping some street repair and Boom!

Add to this that Azarian maybe or could be put into a TIF in the Downtown area to draw in more funds to fix the place put or even help bring in oh a small housing project (Tax credits) to help draw in a developer say for fun someone who wanted to do a project on city owned land but was turned away say for fun someone who has worked with the Root River Council who then would know or help suggest this being done (Housing) Of course we add to the mix an Architect who might know of the needs of the River project.

This is Racine you know anything can happen here! Thoughts?

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