A Realtors Dream, Tax Payers Nightmare?

A Realtor Dream Tax Payers  Nightmare

Something I must keep in the frond of my mind going into my backing of the Root River idea is the failed projects of the past.  Now there is no  dishonor in failing we all have failed everyone of us. The issue  to me is was something learned what steps did you take not to do the same thing again.  Very critical should the new idea or project be using public money.

Now I expect that the Root River project will include in some ways a rebirth of Point Blue and the Transit Center. Both public projects that have failed badly. In fact the City of Racine refused the chance  of doing something with the Transit Center because if I recall right, Mayor Dickert  wanted to wait for KRM to be starte.THe Center is still standing empty gathering trash.

Well KRM is not going to get started in my lifetime (next 5 years) a good thing I think but a subject for another post.

Point Blue (Lake Side project with Housing and retail)was  as I see it mismanaged from the start did anyone at the City even check on the background/CV  of the guy that was leading the idea?

We should all pay attention to the boundaries of the TIF’s near the River and Lake. We should pay attention to who sits on the Boards of the BID’s and Root River Council,we need to pay close attention to how much money in Fees can groups like RCEDC and the City of Racine can receive and/or spend on/with/because of the Grants coming in to help fix the River before one shovel of Dirt is turned over.

My big worry is that say a former realtor thinks that the City can do a better job micromanaging the Real Estate Markets better then a free Market.

Will we just then end up with say  more Point Blues?


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