Loveland Technologies Rules Detroit!

This be a long  post you have been warned

Back in the day I heard about a guy named Jerry Paffendorf I was able to bring him on my Podcast Indy Film Wisconsin to talk about his idea called Loveland here is that show

In a nutshell using Kickstarter you could  buy “Land” in Detroit for $1 per squire inch and have a lot  of fun with the “Land” best to see the link and read the idea or hear the show its a kool fun game that would also  help raise $$ for local groups and get folks around the world talking about not only Jerry (Who would go on to talk on Ted Talks) but Detroit. In Fact talking to Jerry would lead me to start to grow to love Detroit.

I ended up buying 12 ” myself and had fun giving away land I owned in Detroit as part of a running Gag on Indy Film Wisconsin until I got my mad Crush on Lindsey Lohan and went that route.

Jerry’s company Loveland Technologies is now doing ground breaking work in combining Social Networking + Mapping+ Crowd Funding and simple fun craziness to create new ways of looking at land and getting folks interested in working together.

I am hoping to talk to Jerry about looking at the Root River Project to see what/how his work can be used here with the project this would be the perfect use for my Domain name(s) of  Back to the Root River…  I could ever copy Jerry’s idea of selling “Land” to raise funding  for a wide range of actions ,in fact I could create a magical realm with Island  Kingdoms Pirates and other fun things!

Why Not?

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