Hotel needed!

Part of the Root River project is of course getting folks to come time and again for all the neat  things about the Root River to come.

For that we would need a hotel, the one we have Downtown now The Radisson sucks! From my experience with ours in Racine for It Came From Lake Michigan Film Fest  I would never use that hotel or any other in that chain again ever.

I truly believe Our Radisson is so bad folks would not come back here because of it.

So we need to find another Hotel to come to the Downtown area of Racine so when folks come here to stay the night they leave having the best experience possible for the money spent.

My wish would be for a Mid-range Hotel with perhaps  rental office space (Desk-Computer- Fax-Phone) and some type of dinning.

If not on the Lake I put it along the River in an area that Boaters could get to.

Maybe in a partnership with the county owned Marina

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