Land Ho!

Racine as you know is land locked as  other cities can expand out Racine can not. Even if Racine trades land with Mt. Pleasant, The City of Racine is effectively locked up we can not grow out.  So whats a City to do?

Well as I see it, We clean up some areas and rebuild.  One of the Neighborhoods we rebuild in is the Uptown tear down the Northside of Washington Ave and rebuild on that area overlooking the River.  That may come in time however after the disaster of the “Art District” (And how much did the City spend on RCEDC to mange that?) the City my guess is in no hurry.

What the City can do and will be doing IMHO is to manage the building on the land cleaned up and marketed by the Root River Project.

This would give the City more tax base that city believes it so badly needs and allows our City council to micromanage something they need to stay away from (Think West Racine  or The Old Danish Home).

My guess is we be seeing a mix of housing and retail space vs anything else.

The call will be on jobs (If Porter’s brings in 200 how many would say a condo complex bring in 300 500?)

and once the land is cleaned up expect to see TIF’s created to fund the efforts to draw parties to Racine.

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