River Business

there will have to be an anchor  business or businesses for the Lake River to draw to that area.

The county will have a Marnia to help draw Boaters to Racine but I am not seeing a huge impact other then on a Bar or two and lately I am reading about many communities  that are having issues getting boaters to use a local Marnia and if Gas gets going up who will have the $$ to go boating?

Now My Guess knowing The Mayor of Racine as I do will be an Government funded Water Center of some type the old Building that can hold events a bit of skirt chasing I mean Research events perhaps a lab a Center that can at least claim to X if all else fails, with the upcoming budget cuts coming from Washington I do not know if a Water Center will happen.  Working perhaps with Gateway,CATI, and the UW system something could be done BUT that be a lot of groups that may not like Mayor Dickert stealing credit from but you never know.

I am still of the full belief that its going to be a something at the current home of Azarian Marina


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