The Racine County Economic Development Corporation So? Editoral opinion

Strong opinion

The Racine County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit agency charged with improving the overall quality of life in Racine County through job creation and investment. ”

Well that’s how they define themselves and RCECDC also like the M-7 That Racine County is part of claim great things that many jobs were saved and more brought fin or created. Interesting since at least at RCEDC the Publisher od the Newspaper is on the Board of Directors (And the Newspaper as yet to run a story about Mayor Dickert’s Legal issues) can we trust them to report if RCEDC is doing any real good or not?

To me all that is happening with RCEDC is a bunch of Good Old Boys gather to tell each other what a great job they are doing, spend money on great P.R., and give each other awards. After all who will say anything else and expect any good to come of it?

I just look at the lack of RCEDC interest in Wind 09 the World’s largest Wind Power event held in Chicago, Ill, just a short Train Ride or car ride away.

I know that Booth price were expensive so I can see not getting one to promote Racine, but not to go at all? Not just to send someone down and talk to folks or simply to collect business cards to see who might be interested in Racine for something was IMHO foolish how much more of that goes on?

I love the chance to look deeply into what goes on behind the Walls of Offices of RCEDC what would we see?

We had a chance at The Former  Mayor Garry Becker’s trial

there was a move to publish many of Becker’s old emails and other papers that IMHO would of dug up a lot of “dead bodies” and exposed how much of Racine really works, but due to the large cost The Racine Post could not get that done

I would have thought The Journal Times might have been interested bit again IMHO that would have upset the powers that be in Racine so that did not happen.

Myself I would have wanted to know if as rumored Mayor Becker had a affair with at least one staff person at one of the many Business Groups we have here.

Did he spend City $$ doing so? Did others know?

Well now we never will. Becker is serving three years in prison so I have no interest in bring him to account but I would like to know if women working at the Business Help groups are seen as “Fair Game” by The Good Old Boys in Racine. If so that needs to be stopped and stopped now. Because if not The City County or other group that gets Tax $$ will be sued and we will have to pay that bill and in 2012 it is far from right

Time I think to do Open Records on how much RCEDC gets from the City and County both in fees for services, Grant administration, and paying for support staff.

Not that I am going to change anything I just want to know what is going on for the money we spend.

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