Gleason Park II

As I type this there are about 50 kids playing soccer in the Park near my home (Mostly Hispanic lower income). Now that its warm that will be the thing to do! They come play most of the day pick up after themsef’s and go home. I talked to them a bit today and what was wild is how much they like playing in the park and how interested some were in the REC and some parents seam interested in maybe doing something with RUGN.

A true outreach would have continued to look for ways to reach out to those using the River or Parks actions on the River.

However there are two strikes on these kids why they will never be reached out to to be brought into the  Root River plan as I see it:

1) They are Hispanic

2) They are low income

Both as I see it not fitting into the idea of Ice Rinks and River Taxis. To me getting this type of kids interested in the long term heath of the River and how that helps them only helps all of us in the effort of the Root River Project.

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