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Open Records!

On the 8th of March I asked for the following Open Records:

1) The total amount of Money paid to the Root River Council for any and all work done as a sub contactor to the City for any EPA Grant from 2010 to this date 3/7/12 and the name of the grant and any other sub contractor receiving funds and the amount of the funds of the same Grant(s)

2) A copy of any Block Grant that  the Root River Council received for the years 2009 and 2011. Pdf’s would be fine.

With in ten business days I should have received some type on answer as in its going to take longer, records are under Attorney/Client    or the records I asked for.

Today will be Day 13 so I email the City today for an update, on my request.

Be interesting to see what happens.  My guess is that the delay is just a matter of gathering the information, I guess few are asking for this.

Sent the reminder Email this morning thinking that I get something back saying yes we are working on it ….  but as of 3:25 today I have gotten nothing back now I know the outlines on how Open Records work but if I do not hear something soon if only we are working on this… but if not I wonder what say Sen Johnson might say about this delay after all its Federal Funds or perhaps  the EPA might want to know why public info is not being made public?

Gentrification Rocks!


Gentrification is defined as the process by which wealthier (mostly middle-income) people move into, renovate, and restore housing and sometimes businesses in inner cities or other deteriorated areas formerly home to poorer people.

If  nothing else happens with the Root River Revitalization Gentrification will be worth every penny spent, for the West 6th St area of Racine, the West 6th St area is a very poor area of Racine and still in decline.

Yes, this is the area that I live in my home was the first one build in the sub division in 1905 at the time this area was THE area to live in (1905)

not so much now.

This area has NO community Center and to get to the closes one may be unsafe for youth to walk to (after dark) and another close one has had large fights with weapons  would you want to have your kids walk into that?

We have high crime and falling numbers of owner occupied homes  worse of all we do not vote how can our Alderman do anything when we do not have his back?

What I hope happens with the Root River Project that no matter what folks may find ways to get paid or what soon to be I Hope former State Assemblyman may find a way  to get a nice gig, that this project draws folks to this area to buy, fix up or rebuild homes raising property values and rents causing Gentrification and bring more in with higher incomes and less need of Social Serves making it a better place to live.

Foot Bridge

One of the project I think we will see coming soon is a new foot bridge across the Root River.   I from a distance have seen across the River now. I do not know the shape of the bride if it can be safety used and if it is a location best to be used for foot bridge for the River project. As I see it its in a poor location for foot traffic it connects   as I see it waste land (No business near by). I see it being relocated to nearer the Downtown area so folks using it can get to working businesses.

Urban Planing Edtoral

Been reading a ton on Urban planing from books from the RPL to Blogs on Line.

A lot of very interesting information on the subject. Interesting too is the Billions of $$ Government (all sizes) controls/spends on this. I cant help but think that when you have tons of $$ you can get some folks looking to do things not for the public good but for their own pocket books.

I think that we all have herd the Stories out of  New Jersey and Vegas.  I knew I have read news from NOLA that makes me shake my head.

So I now believe that anytime you have Millions coming into say a poor City with high unemployment that we must all pay attention.  Not that everyone in a large project would be a crook not at all, but all it take is to have a few  folks in Real Estate say connected to a office holder or two in need of a lot of money or wanting to enrich cronies and it can become bad.  The key be how do you keep the wool pulled over the eyes of the True Believers?  The ones who believe the stated goals are the real/true goals? Like in the Building scams in say New York the bad guys are not saying  “This is a big scam on ……  and here’s your share”

Anytime I think when you have a group that can control a lot of funds its time to pay attention. IMHO an outside group should provide an accounting  But I think that does not happen very much anywhere in the County.

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Will Racine be the new home of Fraud? Here is a story out of NOLA

A land fraud Story from NOLA from New Orleans Real Estate Talk

and soon in a court we may hear of our our own city games with the NSP and the law cases coming because of it.

FOLLOW the money!

About three weeks ago I put a HUD home on the market.  I put my yard sign out, there was a sticker with the name of an Emergency contact in the window, doors were secured, fences to the back property were locked.

Doing HUD homes means a weekly inspection of the property to insure that there is no vandalism, that the roof isn’t leaking, the everything is secure.  This past week I went to this HUD listing and found that my yard sign which was the heavy corrugated type had been removed from the front lawn, folded in half and put into a kitchen drawer.  I then found that the emergency contact sticker had been removed from the front window and the top lock no longer worked.  All of which I reported to HUD on my weekly report.

Two days later I got a call from another agent who tells me that her buyer had just met the owner of this HUD home.  The owner told her buyer that he has two offers on the property but if her buyer comes along with the down payment right away the owner will sell them the house.  The owner said that if her buyer wanted to see the house he would give them the lock box code – which he did.  This agent had the phone number of the owner which was given to HUD.

Thing is that I have a combo lockbox on the house and the instructions on the MLS are to call for the code.  Someone called, gave me their name and their office informaiton and must be involved in this….

For anyone who does HUD homes if you see your listing stripped down of any identifying information someone may be claiming to own the house and trying to scam buyers.  Make sure you know who you are doing business with!

Past is prolog Editorial


This was a hot issue not that long ago. Mind you KRM is dead dead dead and about 2 year later but in Racine IMHO hard feelings do not go away that easily, we have political fights going back years. The Local Democratic Party has given me and continues me entertainment   So how do the  political fights get fixed? Do they? I think not.  So why might bring groups together?

There an old game I played at one time where you start with one person in a group and you draw lines talking about how the connections form makes for an interesting game. Should we play one here?