Root River meeting 3/31/12 my thoughts

Lets do the Math

Total number I counted at the Public Meeting 45

Who Who not members of the public

Rep Corry “The Tick” Mason

County Supervisor Osterman

“” “” Snow

City Administrator Thomas Friedel

Head of City Development O’Connell

Principal Planer Matthew Sadowski

Public Works (Water Dept) 1

Director of Public Works Mark H. Yehlen

One from Racine County Economic Development

EPA Supervor/Project Manager Kyle E. Rogers

Vandewalle and Associates had two members Note they are being paid well to come up with this plan

Ben Lehner RRC- Project Coordinator

The City and County are vested interest in the project managing grants for a fee and/or will be using the Grant funds and other grants for city work.

so out of the 45 12 where NOT members of the public most have something to do with the money of the Grants paid work or receiving fees or about 26%

so about 33 members of the public out of which there was 1 African American 1 Hispanic (Great outreach here) My best guess not having done a survey is that most where what I call well off. Many I even call very well off.

Interesting outreach My Cat could do a better job of course this might be the idea eaiser to control a smaller group when you can seed it right?

Ave age in the late 30’s

The Water quality talk was rather well done and I learned a lot. The Racine Water Dept guy spoke well and was easily understood and the City Water Dept eats money fast. IMHO the Water Dept guy was upset that the DNR now had less regulations then before oh well.

More interesting was the Talk about the Menominee Vally and the added value of property claimed by the Shrill from Vandewalle and Associates over 1,000,000 over the time frame of that project the same time frame as the expansion of the Casino could that be the real reason values went up? Would Statistics be fiddled with to suggest “facts” Now how much is Vandewalle and Associates getting and might be getting? When money comes into Racine by trust and faith go out the window. The Root River I am sure will be bringing lots and lots of $$$.

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