Vandewalle and Associates

I think today I will start looking at this company to see how much they have made from the “Root River Project” and how much they stand to make.

So far my Open Records has them down for $40,000 (how much did you make last year?) be interesting to see how much more they have made or could be making. Yes its a nice Dog and Pony show they are putting on and Dog and Pony shows cost money.

Myself I like to see how Grant money is spent and who benefits from the spending of the cash.

With Vandewalle and Associates, I will be looking at:

How much they got

Billing rates

How much if anything have Vandewalle and Associates donated to Mayor John Dickert’s campaign

other local Racine races  they may have donated to

Who if anyone at  Vandewalle and Associates signed the Walker Recall

This info I will put out as a Page here or perhaps it’s own blog under another domain I own thinking the Back to the Root Domain after all I am tracing how the money flows. Perhaps like the Root River it flows to Lake Michigan there is a HUGE amount of money to be made in fresh water:

“But when it comes to slaughter
You will do your work on water,
An’ you’ll lick the bloomin’ boots of ‘im that’s got it.”

Gunga Din

Waukasha needs or so the City said Million of Gallons a day every and just for fun one could charge .25 per how much money would that bring in to a city?

How tempting might it be to …..

Maybe I need to put a steel plate in my truck…….



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