Bike Paths

One of the no brainier things I guess coming are Bike Paths around the river and linking one part of Racine to another. As I have talked about Bike Tours as a Business opportunity as part of the Root River project that I guess will not be done or done well  by the consultants  Vandewalle and Associates  (hell its only 40,000 and a paper map is so much easier and looks good and that what counts not being useful!) but that’s an another blog post.

My thought is that we will see on on Mound St and that Street redone (and about time) with a Bike path.  State Street getting one and in and around the Downtown area. Be great if the paths are well marked for both Bikes/Cars I love to see something done so the paths be well marked both day and night use.

I myself would link theses paths into the West Racine area so a family of four could ride safely say from Wilson’s in West Racine to the RPL or YMCA, to make a day of fun events without say getting in a car.

The cost be only a small amount and come from a wide range of State/Federal programs and this way be of some use to the City and tax payer

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