Urban Planing Edtoral

Been reading a ton on Urban planing from books from the RPL to Blogs on Line.

A lot of very interesting information on the subject. Interesting too is the Billions of $$ Government (all sizes) controls/spends on this. I cant help but think that when you have tons of $$ you can get some folks looking to do things not for the public good but for their own pocket books.

I think that we all have herd the Stories out of  New Jersey and Vegas.  I knew I have read news from NOLA that makes me shake my head.

So I now believe that anytime you have Millions coming into say a poor City with high unemployment that we must all pay attention.  Not that everyone in a large project would be a crook not at all, but all it take is to have a few  folks in Real Estate say connected to a office holder or two in need of a lot of money or wanting to enrich cronies and it can become bad.  The key be how do you keep the wool pulled over the eyes of the True Believers?  The ones who believe the stated goals are the real/true goals? Like in the Building scams in say New York the bad guys are not saying  “This is a big scam on ……  and here’s your share”

Anytime I think when you have a group that can control a lot of funds its time to pay attention. IMHO an outside group should provide an accounting  But I think that does not happen very much anywhere in the County.

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