Gentrification Rocks!


Gentrification is defined as the process by which wealthier (mostly middle-income) people move into, renovate, and restore housing and sometimes businesses in inner cities or other deteriorated areas formerly home to poorer people.

If  nothing else happens with the Root River Revitalization Gentrification will be worth every penny spent, for the West 6th St area of Racine, the West 6th St area is a very poor area of Racine and still in decline.

Yes, this is the area that I live in my home was the first one build in the sub division in 1905 at the time this area was THE area to live in (1905)

not so much now.

This area has NO community Center and to get to the closes one may be unsafe for youth to walk to (after dark) and another close one has had large fights with weapons  would you want to have your kids walk into that?

We have high crime and falling numbers of owner occupied homes  worse of all we do not vote how can our Alderman do anything when we do not have his back?

What I hope happens with the Root River Project that no matter what folks may find ways to get paid or what soon to be I Hope former State Assemblyman may find a way  to get a nice gig, that this project draws folks to this area to buy, fix up or rebuild homes raising property values and rents causing Gentrification and bring more in with higher incomes and less need of Social Serves making it a better place to live.

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