Will Racine be the new home of Fraud? Here is a story out of NOLA

A land fraud Story from NOLA from New Orleans Real Estate Talk

and soon in a court we may hear of our our own city games with the NSP and the law cases coming because of it.

FOLLOW the money!


About three weeks ago I put a HUD home on the market.  I put my yard sign out, there was a sticker with the name of an Emergency contact in the window, doors were secured, fences to the back property were locked.

Doing HUD homes means a weekly inspection of the property to insure that there is no vandalism, that the roof isn’t leaking, the everything is secure.  This past week I went to this HUD listing and found that my yard sign which was the heavy corrugated type had been removed from the front lawn, folded in half and put into a kitchen drawer.  I then found that the emergency contact sticker had been removed from the front window and the top lock no longer worked.  All of which I reported to HUD on my weekly report.

Two days later I got a call from another agent who tells me that her buyer had just met the owner of this HUD home.  The owner told her buyer that he has two offers on the property but if her buyer comes along with the down payment right away the owner will sell them the house.  The owner said that if her buyer wanted to see the house he would give them the lock box code – which he did.  This agent had the phone number of the owner which was given to HUD.

Thing is that I have a combo lockbox on the house and the instructions on the MLS are to call for the code.  Someone called, gave me their name and their office informaiton and must be involved in this….

For anyone who does HUD homes if you see your listing stripped down of any identifying information someone may be claiming to own the house and trying to scam buyers.  Make sure you know who you are doing business with!


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