Street Markerting

If like I belive the Root River Council is far more interested in talking to the Rich and White being sure that group gets the benefits of the  Million +(1.2 + so far)  coming to the Root River then say the Black and Hispanic population in the rest of the City…

Well now that works for me, that gives me the streets  I have the tools and understanding that allows me to carry the struggle for conveying information to a place where my message is the message.  Control The Message Control The Outcome

So whats the plan?

Well I have commissioned a Local Rap artist to write two songs one for kids 9+ to talk about the Root River this song will have two versions  depending on what theme I end up going with.

Remember Hopscotch?  and the Jodie’s sung to them?  Jump rope is cheep and my plan is to hand them out with tunes and say Gift Cards for Mac’s.   Now that will get the rhymes  out into  the community fast

Easy, simple, costs next to nothing. Best of all far more powerful then a million $$ ad push


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