Mayor John Dickert Editoral



As I see it, a lot of connections with the Root River Project go to Mayor John Dickert of Racine.  IMHO a lot of the $$ coming to do this project come from I think his actions. As you may know I distrust the Mayor’s action as in I believe that most if not all of the project outcome will be to I believe be good to Friends of John.  I think it could be educational to show the links between The Mayor and others.

Now The Mayor has a issue with his court case over being accused of slandering a former city employer. This will be in front of a jury in early May. As of 3/21/12

The City of Racine will not longer be paying his legal Bills (unless he is found that he was acting as Mayor during a campaigne event  on WRJN) The Jury might find he did not slander that former worker. But should he be found to NOT been acting as Mayor and that he Slandered the Worker the legal Bills and damages owed are the Mayor’s alone to pay as I understand it. right now that Bill is 100,000.

Will the trail and possible outcome end any help that the Mayor could give? I believe that during the trial information could come out that would damage The Mayor’s ability to act or push agendas forward.

Update: 5/30/12

The Mayor settled out of count the City paid the Mayor’s legal bills and may have paid the settlement. That is being looked into by others.
Back to business as Normal.


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