The EPA Writes back!

As the readers of the Blog might know I wrote the EPA about my worries some time ago and this is what I get back today.
Mr. Clingman,

Your e-mail to Ms. Susan Hedman, Region V Administrator has reached me because I am the Project Officer managing the City of Racine’s  Brownfields Assessment Grant.   In your e-mail,  you have expressed concerns about the lack of involvement from the minority members in the community.   Because of your interest in engaging the minority members of the community,  I encourage your civic participation by helping  Ben Lehner, Project Coordinator of Root River Council and Brian Oconnell, Director, Department of City Development to bring your minority friends and neighbors to the next Root River Corridor Area-wide Planning meeting to be held March 29, 2012.  If that is not possible, I have included  Mr. Lehner and Mr. Oconnell in this e-mail so you may express your ideas, as well as, voice of your friend’s and neighbors’ ideas via e-mail.  

I will be attending the March 29 meeting, if you wish to meet with me before or after the area-wide planning meeting to discuss EPA’s Brownfields Program’s involvement with the City of Racine.  Please let me know, if you wish to meet in person because I would like to invite Mr, Lehner and Mr. Oconnell to the meeting as well.    
Kyle E. Rogers
Environmental Scientist
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
77 W Jackson Blvd. (SB-7J)
Chicago, IL 60604-3590
Tel: (312) 886-1995
Fax: (312) 886-4071
Interesting to say. Lets see what happens


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