So enjoyed my visit to Baraboo WI!  Walked the River Path yesterday and visited a few businesses in the area then of course chatted with my People the Ho Chunk, a good time all too brief.

Nice to see business groups working with just plain folk with the path on the Baraboo River. Nice to talk to Small businesses on what they like to see go on with this Path in Baraboo.  One business was shocked when I told them about the Root here and the cash we have that so few know about. Guess She has never done much in Racine WI!

Liked the energy I found and loved that Baraboo is full of ideas room for all to try what they will.

Bounis to the Ho-Chuck who love the River and I cant say much more other then to say Thank You for your words and I know when/if a fight comes they will be with me.


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  1. I enjoyed your insightful writing. super work. I hope you release more. I will continue reading


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