St Patrick’s Day

Started the day at Gleson Park looking at the Root River as the Sun was coming up, quite the view, I could just imagine what the French explorers saw back so long ago when they came across the Root River.

Next brought me to my first group meeting in West Racine where I had my chance to talk about both the good and the bad on the Root River Project. Met Mrs Sharp who was able to fill in some blanks on the Who’s Who on the Root River Council and how they connect with City Hall.  Mrs Sharp also was helpful in guiding me to other resources to track spending.

I even found someone to sign the Letters of Marque for the River Pirates!

Lunch at Golden Keys and more talking to a group of 9-10 about the Root River project.  a few old Eagle Scouts told me about projects they did to clean up water ways back oh in some cases 40 years ago.

Many upset at what I was talking about, many less then kind words said about Corry (the Tick) Mason An older man was so upset he plans on calling the DNR about what is going on and demand an investigation. A young man from Waterford area has offered help in researching, he is a Journalism Major and wants to put his studies into practice.  I hope we talk soon.

Then I was able to confirm that I can sponsor a Racine City Park. Be looking into that come Tuesday.

Off to Baraboo and talking with The Ho-Chuck! Going to walk the Baraboo River Path, now thats a project that is helping the whole City of Baraboo WI.




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