Busy Weekend

Today I have meetings with two Alderman  (none in Sanders Park)  Sunday talking to members of the Ho Chunk about the Root River and talking about what I see has going on with it.

The Ho- Chunk do NOT play when it comes to usurping Mother Earth for Political fun and games and I am hoping that a donation of some sort will be forth coming, since It will not be long before I will be hiring lawyers, not only to enforce Open Record laws (The City I have been told  will be digging in their Heels since a Tick is upset at being exposed) and, I have copywrite/trademark  rights on my Domain names and that will be fight. Guess Lawyers will be making money if no one else will be! Lots of pirates about.

More open Records to file

Then of course I will be setting up the Cafe Press site for Root River Pirates Bumper Sticker T Shirts and other swag. Arrrg!


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