Troubling Questions

Troubling Question

What is  the goal of creating a civic Organization such as the Root River Council? Is it to help get us refocused on the great thing the Root River can and should be or a Group met to be a cover to the real goals that unknown puppet masters want where only the right kind (Read rich and White)  are met to enjoy?

How did the Root River Council get formed how did members get chosen to be on the Board what links to what organizations will we find? Will we find that most are members of the Democratic Party of Racine? Is a unwritten Goal of the group to give Cory Mason (D) Racine a job for after he is removed from office after the next election? Are they leading the way for the development that say the Mayor of Racine wants to happen? Will only “Approved” companies be allowed to bid on projects?

Now mind you Revitalization of the Root will be so good for the City but only if its for all of us.

I have been to every public meeting that has been help by the Root River Council and am planing to keep going (Note because of this blog I may not be allowed to do so) and report back to you.

There is a hell of a lot going on with the Root River Our Root River



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