River Pirates!

So I was thinking I got these Domain just sitting there (Most are for sale) and thinking what else could I do to use them and create some cash Flow…….

Bingo!  River Pirate  Bumper Stickers, T Shirts, and other Treasure!and the domains I do not use for River Pirates I can point to Go Go Girls vs the Nazis (A Russ Meyer Tribute Film) if you think Boobies and Guns your not far off the Mark.

Example rootriverredevelopment would lead to the http://www.gogogirlsvsthenazi.com  mis searchers would be very very good for me!!

Back to the Root would lead to the River Pirates swag! After all there is a ton of cash coming to fix up the Root River and Pirates LOVE cash! Be a lot of fun!  The Basic Bumper Sticker be the Jolly Rodger but the T Shirts be the big fun Pirate Wenches (Think Hooters) on them Baby Dolls type that might say “If the Ship is Rocken do not come Knocken” or   “River Pirates do it best” funny stuff like that. I  could even do Treasure Maps  just think where the X ‘s could go and the interesting Jokes I could play with them! Fun for all! Cash for me!!

There are many ways to take advantage of what is going to be going I feel with the Root River!




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