Cory Mason Looking for a job? Editorial


Cory Mason (D) Racine sits on the  Board of Directors of the Root River Council   and as of now a member of the Wisconsin Assembly with redistricting,  Mason (The Tick as he is sometimes called for his love of State Spending and higher taxes) is most likely going to lose a reelection effort. As he is running in the Recall on Lt Governor   Rebecca Kleefisch  political insiders see no hope for him to win this contest.

So what is a soon to be X Assemblymen to do?

Well when you have lived off the Blood of others (taxes) for so long as Rep. Mason has maybe its time to count on a group you help to run for a Job!

Why not the Root River Council at first blush good idea? They have some cash are in line to get more (EPA Grant funds and block grant funds) and someone needs  to do the work (Oh wait maybe we should get a true believer for the work) I mean be the face of the group. He is known in left wing and fringe Green Groups.Why get a job?

My guess and we will get some open records on this is he is good dues paying member of The Democratic Party of Racine and believes in Obama and John Dickert.  So what better place to hide out from the real world look good take credit for others work and be a tick.

Update 3/28/12

Mason has now said he will be moving into Bob Turner’s District and run for His old seat since Rep Turner is retiring. IMHO a sad day. Robert Turner has done great service to his district over the years.   Note Mason has yet to win the race so my first idea may still play out.

This site will do everything within the law in its power to help anyone beat Corry Mason Tick of the World


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