More Info DNR Grants!

Asked Rep Bob Turner to look into grants that the Root River Council received if any from the DNR.

In 7/10 the Root River council received about 10 K from the DNR in a SEG Grant for River management in this case to “form a River Management Organization” would be my guess not having the grant in front of me but I will be seeking a copy. The letter I got from Rep Tuner said and I quote: ” to create stable Professional leadership to work with  with Root Rive Council members  to advance the mission and vision…Back to the Root Urban River Revitalization Plan”… goes on to say that they (Root River Council is working with the City of Racine and Vandewalle on a master plan.

Readers of this blog know that this is not the fist time Vandewalle has come up in talking about grants and the Root River Council.

I guess I will go back and add up all the $$ Vanewalle has received from the Root River Council. Thinking too I should look into who all works for them and if they are links to the City or RRC

With all the cash running around someone is getting paid.

I want to see the Root River be the best it can be but  not to become a way for Say Cory Mason (D) Racine Tick of the World to get a check after his time in office is over.

Nor do I belive should the Root River Council become anything of an official group to take control of efforts on or for the Root River.


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