Azarian Marina an idea

On the 800 block of Water St in Racine WI, there is company called Azarian, Marina. A typical Marina boat slips River Access to the Root River, cover storage and the like. My guess it that the site is say a few blocks squire.

Walking around it this morning, I understand how great this would be if say a developer would buy the Azarian Marina and create a site with say a small strip mall keeping the boat slips and free public access to the River.

I have thought to put an fine style Brew Pub as an anchor on one end and say bring a ships store of some type in as the other.

Bring the sidewalks down to the new Water Center as I Call the place, to better draw folks down from Main St and those at the center back up downtown. I would see about using Segway to make it neat  to run around the Lake/River front

I also look at some type of bus from the Metra in Kenosha to the Center. with FREE rides to sailors from the Great Lakes.

Thinking I will be looking for this idea to start and I hope soon. My guess is that funds from the EPA Grants could be used for part of this as well as perhaps a TIF?

I will be talking to everyone I know about how great this idea is. To think how great tis would be for all of Racine WI.


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