Peta gives me an idea!

I understand that PETA has offered to pay for tho City lights in exchange fo being able to put up two signs or Banners (City of Racine is removing Street lights due to the cost and the Mayor is Blaming Gov Walker for the lack of funds, some find this very interesting when we are over $100K in legal fees paying Mayor Dickert’s Legal fees due to a slander case)

Now no matter what the City may say to the request, this would be a great PR gig to go before City Council as one of my many Root River Groups and ask the same thing, but in my case offer to pay for the lights on the River Walk (part or all) the poles would have this: light paid for by Root River domain group to use going to the listed web page would see a wind range of things from say a teaser from Go Go Girls vs the Nazis to a pro Scott Walker ad. or what have you.

even if the City said no its huge think of all the free space with the interviews on 620WTMJ 1130 WISM  and the rest of it.

very interesting times we live in


Well looks like it just may happen! what a great way to tell my ideas about the Root  River and the back door workings!


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