Open Records

Back when I was in High School (Madison West 76!) Nixon was in Charge with Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, and the rest. An idea came about that Government information  should be open to everyone since after all we are the Government. Even being active in the GOP as I was then (and Collage Republicans After) I agreed that only if the voters had the best info going could they vote in an intelligent way.

The Press too needed open records so they could report on what was going on around them. Very hard to expose corruption if records  showing what is going on cant be seen.

I know that many Blogers around the county have used Open Records to show what may be going on in Cities/Towns around the County. I understand that Racine Uncovered has used Open Records to find out information that IMHO The Good old boys rather not have us know like how much Mayor Dickert’s Legal Bills have cost us so far.

Before this effort of mine is over my guess is I will have an understanding of in and outs of how Open Records work


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