Once Upon A time

Not that long ago I had a talk with someone I knew about the River project.

When we talked I asked how much the Dog and Pony show put on by The City of Racine, Racine County, and Vandewalle cost I was told nothing I knew that the the City nor County got paid per say (But I believe time was paid for) but thought that Vandewalle would be paid I mean come on that’s what they do. As more of theses meetings came and more fancy presentations happened some was for sure getting paid getting paid Dog and Pony shows cost. After some time my guy did cop to yes they are paid but not much and by grants like from the DNR, like because of that I should not care and to trust Vandewalle.

So of course I started digging some of the results I posted here more to come and still waiting for open records  (Just Filled some today) I have as I have posted, Emailed the head of this area EPA about my worries as well as Senator  Johnson. I do think there is a great deal of information out there on what we can expect with the Root River and I plan on finding our what I can.  I will be posting what I find.


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