Aquaponics in Racine

As you may know we have a working Aquaponics Farm in Racine. This farm is on Water street near the Root River in an old building that also was the home of the last Aquaponics farm (Just changed owners)

By mere chance and the will Of God I ran into the owner working at his other business near by. He remembered me having spoke in favor of a new use of a building he needed. great.

We must have spoke for well over 3 hours on his Aquaponics  farm and many of his very cool ideas about what he hopes his farm can do not only in Racine but urban centers around the world.Mr. Olson’s ideas on using wind power for heat where incredible cant wait to see his results from them.

Still cant get over that in the center of Racine we have a farm growing organic food in a very Green sustainable way.

Hoping somehow some of the funds flowing to Racine can flow to this project.



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  1. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Jim Rohn


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