I fear for the REC

After talking to U.W. Parkside this morning I fear for the REC in Racine. I cant believe that after 6 moths that Mark Gesner Director of Community Development does not know the days or hours that the REC will be Open or anything about programing for 2012. Why looks to me that Parkside is trying to find away out of doing a program in the slums of Racine. Why would he not want me to ask the City for more help for the REC if they can?

What better way is there to get poor kids on board being Green then by working with the youth? Perhaps be that older leader who can have so much of a positive impact on a Child?

Maybe Parkside needs to focus more on the Community that they exist in then brand new multimillion Buildings.

Given that this walking away as I see  it, exist at the same time as Race issues are going on at U.W. Parkside is very troubling.

Note Mr. Gesner and I talked by phone today for about 1/2 hour IMHO a bunch of new speak as in he said a lot  that meant IMHO nothing.

and truly why care about West 6th st. Not like many from here are going to Parkside and to me its all about the $$ to Parkside.

More to look into


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