EPA Grants for the Root River as of 3/8/12

The EPA grants that I can find given to the City of Racine for the Root River (Brown Fields mostly)

EPA 560-F-128-095   EPA ID Number


200K for hazardous substances
$200,000 for petroleum

From the EPA Notice:

“The City of Racine was selected to receive two brownfields assessment grants. Located in southeastern Wisconsin along Lake Michigan, Racine (population 80,100) has a long manufacturing and industrial history. During the last several decades, declines in the industrial sector have led to plant closings, job losses, and increased poverty rates. Vibrant industrial facilities were left idled. There are more than 300 brownfields in the city, including some as large as 20 acres, commonly located in and near residential areas. The 14.2 percent unemployment rate is the second highest in the state, and the median household income is lower than the state and national medians. The city plans to focus assessments in the Root River Corridor in the heart of downtown Racine. Assessment of brownfields will help the city develop a comprehensive plan for the target area and remove the negative stigma attached to properties. Assessments are expected to provide information to facilitate additional funding for cleanup and redevelopment.”



EPA Id Number EPA 560-F-10-182 (Loan Program)


Amounts 750,000 for hazardous substances
$250,000 for petroleum


From the EPA Notice

The grant will be used to capitalize a revolving loan fund from which the City of Racine will provide loans and subgrants to support cleanup activities for sites contaminated with hazardous substances and petroleum.


Grant award notice from the City of Racine



From the City’s page

“EPA announces the City of Racine is awarded a 2011 Site Assessment Grant, $400,000, to inventory, characterize, assess and conduct planning and community involvement related to brownfield sites.  Included in the grant award is an allotment for the creation of an area-wide plan for the Root River ”


This is IMHO where the money is coming from to pay for the work  done by Vandewalle  I believe that this is how some members  of the Root River Council are getting paid too.


Total amount of the grants 1.8 Million of that amount that can/is being used on the river now or soon 1.25 Million


That’s a lot of money and as I keep saying just a bit of the total amount coming to Racine WI in the few years


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