Interesting information on funding

Vandewalle a company in Madison and Milwaukee is doing a lot of work on the “Back to the Root Initiative” and I was lead to believe that how much they were be paid or by who. No one (other in indy film ! ) works for free and that’s fine.

So after an open records request to the City of Racine this is what I found out

I sent the request and got this back today 3/5/12

Mr. Clingman:

The current Root River study is an effort with several partners. The Root River Council  is the lead partner and the contract with the consultant, Vandewalle and Associates, is between Vandewalle and Root River Council. The city has provided information and advice to the study and the city has provided financial assistance in two ways:

Root River Council  applied for a grant from the city’s Community Development Block Grant program and was awarded $34,000 for the study. The city has paid that amount to Root River Council.

Root River Council asked that the city include $40,000 for the study in a grant the city received from the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The city received the US EPA grant. We are currently finalizing the grant agreement and consultant contract for that funding. Those funds have not been paid out.

I trust this answers your question. There is no cost for this information.


Brian F. O’Connell, AICP

Director of City Development


Of course there will be more open records for follow up.   you see I also have been told that the Root River Project is not a big thing…. Right close to 100K for nothing makes no sense

Boom times folks Boom times. This is just the tip of the iceberg

Please in no way should this be taken as something anti Root River the Project say initiative. This maybe the last hope for Racine WI


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