But how about..

I do have one question that I like answered that so far I have no information on and that is does the group have a plan to include the West 6th St area in the planing the project or job creation that will come with this project.

I have been to every public meeting of the Root River Council and I have seen only two Afro-Americans one being part of the Council the other lives in Mt. Pleasant.

Will the poorer areas of Racine that are close to the project be asked to give input?

Case in point, the West 6th St is on the Western border of the Root River that will be revitalized should not we have a chance to have a say?  I do go to all the meetings and give my input, however I am only one person out of say the 8,000 that live in this area.

What should we do?   Is this something we should worry about?



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